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Technical stuff

Screen Printing is great for capturing an image or logo with fine detail as opposed to embroidery where detail gets lost. It is also extremely durable and long lasting often lasting longer than your t shirt does after years of washing.
We have no hesitation in testing any fabric for colour fastness  (some synthetic fabrics can cause the ink to sublimate losing pigmentation or strength and dulling i.e.; an opaque white may dull to grey on a black polyester garment.

Ink & Dyes

We use plastisol or water-based inks to achieve your desired look.
Plastisol is great on most fabrics but especially if you want to print light colours onto a dark and essential when printing onto sports bags, umbrellas, waterproof jackets  or any nylon and high  polyester type products. Actually many fabrics with a high percentage of man made fibre as you need a lower temperature to cure the ink.
As the name suggests it can have slightly plastic feel if it is layered on too thick but generally it has a smooth soft feel on a cotton t shirt.
NEVER iron a plastisol print directly. ALWAYS iron from the inside if you really feel the need to iron.
Water based inks are more like a dye that sit in the fibres of the shirt and basically feel no different than the shirt after a wash. This is perfect for printing on tea towels, towels, hemp fabrics or any light coloured cotton or natural fibre.They are no good on many synthetic fabrics as they do not adhere to the fibres and tend to wash out. They also need a higher temperature to cure than plastisol , although there are additives for a cold cure.
Water based inks will fade  slightly over a long time like the colour of your actual t shirt after many years of washing and hanging in the New Zealand sun. Hanging them inside out can help to slow this process.

Print size

At the moment we can print up to 6 cols on something as narrow as 5mm ribbon going all the way up to 800mm by 650mm on t shirts and fabrics, although large prints are limited to 2-3 colours dependent on the artwork. We don’t mind printing over necks, seams and hems either. So long as you realise it’s not an exact science and there can be small bleeds.  However every possible care is taken to insure this does not happen when your garment is hand printed.


We use Illustrator and Photoshop to create the positives for your design so native .ai   .eps   .psd or .tiff files are the easiest for us to use also .jpgs and .psds need to be a very high resolution to ensure the quality of your print.
Rasterizing all fonts are always a good idea as we may not have the same font loaded.
Having your artwork in these formats will save you money on artwork but are not completely necessary
as we can possibly redraw or recreate your image for you.
Just contact us to discuss your options.


There is a one off set up charge for positives and screens of between $35- $65 per colour depending on the size of your design. Therefore any further orders of the same design will only cost for the shirts and printing.


The cost of printing varies depending on how many cols and how many shirts and also the size can have an effect but usually only if it is over-sized. Your best bet is to contact us with all the info and we can get a quote to you.

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